Not looking because some jerk tried to hijack the camera but we just met adelaide kane

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"I think Mary, had she been a man, would have been one of the greatest Kings of all time, but she was a woman and she was not taken particularly seriously. Even though she was incredibly intelligent, incredibly articulate, and she knew what she was talking about, and was very progressive as a royal and as a ruler as well. She believed in peace between the Protestants and Catholics which was like, such a radical notion at the time. It would’ve been very interesting to see the change that she could have made if she’d been a man and not a woman." [x]

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Adelaide Kane attends IGN & “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” Comic-Con International Party.

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I’m nominated in some categories in the100awards and I would love it if any of you would vote for me. This link leads to best Bellamy Blake blog but I’m also nominated for Best Overall, Most Friendly and Best Gifmaker.

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infinite list of favourite reign outfits:

↳ Francis in 1.02

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Is that Francis? He’s gorgeous.

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