Hey guys! This is a fundraiser to help get Too Much TV (my ‘fandom magazine’ up and off the ground. In order for it to work, we have to sell at least 30 shirts in 7 days so the company will print them. But just those 30 shirts is a huge help for us! We get half the profit of every t-shirt sold. Money from the fundraising will help to pay for hosting, domains, advertising, resources and other parts of getting this magazine up and running. 
If you don’t want to buy a shirt, you can also just donate any dollar amount via paypal by visiting http://toomuchtvnet.tumblr.com 
Please buy a shirt if you can to help make our little magazine dream a reality! And consider spreading the word as well. Thank you!

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Hey guys I have an ambitious goal


Let’s get the 100 writers to 8k followers tonight. They’re awesome and everyone should be following them. We want them at 10k by s2.

Moral of the story, if you’re not already, follow them HERE

And for those of you here on tumblr that aren’t on twitter, you should totally get one. Especially if you like The 100. The writers are great about retweeting people and answering questions, the cast is hilarious, Eliza posts her awesome vines, and everyone is great. Plus you can follow all the rest of us and fans of the show and talk about it all the time even on hiatus. It’s a beautiful thing. 

So moral of the story part 2, if you’re not yet on twitter and you love The 100, GET ON TWITTER. It’s lots of fun. And if you do make one, send me a message right now with your twitter handle, and I’ll make a list of The 100 fans that are on twitter for everyone! BUT the only rule is you have to be following the 100 writers! 

New rule: You also must reblog this post. 

In addition, even if you have an old twitter or one you always use, you can still message me. This isn’t just for people making a new twitter. As long as you are on twitter, following the 100 writers, and like The 100, you can be added to the list. You are not required to follow everyone in the list or anything like that. It’s just a resource list of people who like the show. So get on it, message me your handles, follow the writers, reblog this post. Boom!

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The glasses were arguably my favorite part.

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You're eyes are so gorgeous

Thank you!

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You met Adelaide?!?! OMG, was she nice? Of course she was haha but also your blog is amazing and you are gorgeous, girl!

Yes I did she was prety cool. Than you!

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You're absolutely gorgeous!

aeljakt Thank you!

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Maybe some serious ones sometimes I pretend to be serious. 

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My face spam part deux

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Osheaga! #reignfamilytime #annapopsy #laaaaadies

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